I met photography when I was in high school (unfortunately, many years ago…), thanks to a photography teacher who introduced me first to the Raygrams technique and then to the true game. After that, I experienced some years of dark room and black & white films, shooting mainly some kind of home-made still-life, portraits and macro. For many years I used to shoot with old second hand film cameras with even older lenses and no automatisms at all, so, when I approached a digital SLR, everything, from AF to zoom lenses, has been a new discover. However, I realized that none of the “new” features of digital cameras is truly necessary, they are only tools. Even in the digital era, photography is still “just” light and composition, or at least it should be that… In early 2006 I started to take some photos of my study subjects (I have a PhD in Experimental Ecology and I’m involved in researches about reptiles and amphibians). I abandoned my self-made still-life shots, attempting to show how herps can be fascinating and how they are beautiful, despite their ugly reputation. As I spend a lot of time in the field for my studies, I have many opportunities to take pictures of my favorite subjects. Then I moved forward, from snakes and frogs, basically to any wild subject. At the same time, I’m currently managing photo and video research, acquisition and production for the MUSE – Science Museum of Trento, keeping on mixing scientific and photographic activities both outdoor and indoor. Last but not least, I’m now jumping into video-making, but that will be another story…

  • Glanzlichter der Naturfotografie – Winner – Wildlife in Human Environment category (2016)
  • BioPhotoContest – Finalist (3 photos) – Deserts, Rocks and Screes edition (2016)
  • Royal Society Publishing Photography competition – Runner-up – Evolutionary Biology category (2015)
  • III World Biodiversity Congress Photo Contest – Winner – Wild species category (2015)
  • Royal Society of Biology Photo Competition – Special Mention (2015)
  • Euronatur Photo Competition – Highly Commended (2014)
  • Asferico International Nature Photography Competition – Overall Winner (2011)
  • National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest – Honorable Mentions – 2 photos (2011)
  • “Fotografare il Parco” Photo Competition – Third Prize – Macro category (2010)
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