Ruaha National Park

With about 22.000 km2, Ruaha National Park is the second largest national park in Tanzania, after the Serengeti, being gazetted to full park status in 1964. A mixed landscape of savannah, acacia and miombo woodlands along the Great Ruaha river banks, the park now ensures protection to a huge population of elephants, which however are becoming shy and elusive all over the park, due to the increasing poaching. An impressive number of birds, with around 500 species, as well as many antelopes – like the great kudu, emblem of the park -, crocs, hippos, wild dogs and many more live within the park.

Thanks to the Mdonya Old River Camp owners and staff, I spent a week up and down the hills of the park, where I enjoyed the rainy season and the dense green scenario.

Thanks to Michele Menegon, Ana Rodriguez Prieto, Nicola Destefano and Malcolm Ryen.